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  1. May 09, 2021

    The Best Red Lipstick Looks for the Holidays

    The best two times to wear red lipstick is when you need a boost of confidence and anytime during the holidays. There's something about a white Christmas (or Hanukkah) and red lips that is timeless, so we came up with so of the best red lipstick pairings for any holiday event.

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  2. May 09, 2021

    I Tried the Contour Challenge

    I think of the Kardashians, superbly talented YouTube makeup artists, and a lot of time I simply don’t have in the morning. I began to worry that I had gotten in over my head. With some coaching from my colleagues, I warmed up to the idea and gave it a try.

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  3. May 09, 2021

    Introducing Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation

    Over the years, we've heard all of your recommendations about creating a matte liquid foundation. We knew you wanted this formula as badly as we did, and we wanted to make sure it was beyond perfect.

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  4. May 09, 2021

    Why Switch to Clean Beauty?

    Have you noticed the term “clean beauty” has become the new buzz word in makeup? These two words are so much more than a catch phrase. They represent an evolution that has taken place in our industry which encompasses ingredients, manufacturing, testing and a world of other elements.

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  5. April 22, 2021

    How to Propagate Lavender for Endless Blooms

    There are several elements that make up a well thought out landscape: they include structure, shape, texture, scent, and movement. But for the majority of us home gardeners, the first element we take into consideration when designing our own personal paradise is color.

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